How to Ride the Bus


Find out where you want to go from your current location on your phone.

Select ‘Public Transport’ under ‘Routes’ in Google Maps.


Find the nearest bus stop.


Check the bus number and the time required, and wait for the bus to arrive.

Bus arrival times and fares can also be checked on the app.


Board the bus through the boarding gate (door at the back of the bus).

Buses near Asahikawa have two entrances, one at the front and one at the rear, but passengers board through the rear door, pay their fare when they get off, and exit through the front door.


Take a numbered ticket.

When boarding, take a numbered ticket near the entrance, and when paying, put cash or coupons together with the ticket into the fare box near the driver’s seat. Please do not fold the numbered ticket in order for the barcode to be read.


Tell the driver where to get off.

Broadcast and monitor information on drop-off locations is provided only in Japanese, so it is advisable to inform the driver of your drop-off location in advance.
If you understand Japanese, press the nearby button when the name of the bus stop where you get off is announced in the car.


Fare confirmation.

The information monitor in the car shows the fare you have previously confirmed on your smartphone, so prepare the fare. In this case, it is 600 yen for number 4.


Pay the fare.

Put in the numbered ticket and cash.


Exit the bus through the drop-off entrance (door in front of the bus)