Daisetsuzan National Park,” located in central Hokkaido, is home to magnificent mountains and beautiful landscapes centering on Asahidake (2,291m), the highest peak in Hokkaido, and a wide variety of alpine plants and rare wildlife.
The best way to fully enjoy such a vast field is to take a self-guided tour. Self-guided tours are free tours where you can enjoy walking on your own without an escort or guide. Walk at the pace that is most comfortable for you. If you get tired, take a rest without worrying about the time. You are free to stop at any café that catches your eye. In the evening, sipping a glass of wine while gazing out the window at the snow-capped mountains and planning what you will do tomorrow will tickle your adventurous spirit.
Why don’t you join us for a free adventure tourism in the Daisetsuzan area of Hokkaido, which is full of seasonal attractions?

Adventure travel is defined worldwide as “a journey that includes at least two of the following elements: activity, nature, and culture.
Hokkaido, blessed with abundant nature, offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. In particular, the Daisetsu area, surrounded by high altitude mountains, offers dynamic snow activities, mountain climbing, river rafting, and more. With traditional Ainu culture and a rich culinary culture, Hokkaido has all three elements necessary for AT. Here are some self-guided tours full of Hokkaido’s charms, perfect for adventure travelers!

About the Taisetsu Area