How to Ride a Train (JR)


Find out where you want to go from your current location on your smartphone*.

*Select ‘Public Transport’ under ‘Routes’ in Google Maps.


Find the nearest JR station.


Confirm the route, destination direction, boarding platform, and time required, and purchase a ticket to the destination station.

Train departure and arrival times and fares can also be checked on the application.


Present your ticket at the ticket gate and enter the platform.

(JR Asahikawa Station is an automatic ticket gate.)


At the boarding platform, board the train through the boarding gate.


Get off the train when you arrive at your destination station. Present your ticket at the ticket gate and exit the ticket gate.


Board the train from the front door and take a numbered ticket.


Check the numbered ticket number against the fare indicator when you get off the train.


Put the cash for the fare into the fare box together with the numbered ticket and get off the train.

Only cash is accepted as payment.
5,000 yen and 10,000 yen notes cannot be used. Currency exchange is also not possible.
*Various cards are not accepted.