Explore Asahikawa, the “City of Rivers”, and the “Design City”

Explore Asahikawa,
the “City of Rivers”,
and the “Design City”

Visit the Asahikawa Design Center, which designs lifestyles through furniture and crafts, and enjoy the sake culture nurtured by the rich nature of the Daisetsuzan and the river cruise where the landscape of the city and the rich nature of the waterfront coexist. Let’s toast at the liquor store’s standing bar for the finale!

Spots to visit in this course

  • Asahikawa Design Center
  • Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum
  • Ishikari River Canoeing
  • Japanese Sake Kakuuchi Uedaya


Departure at 13:30
1jo 8 chome bus stop #18 bus stop

No. 667 “Asahidai Nagayama 13-chome

Bus stop is in front of Feeeal
About 30 minutes ride (be sure to take a numbered ticket)


Arrive at 14:00 Nagayama 2-jo 10-chome

◇On foot

(about 5 min.)


Asahikawa Design Center

Asahikawa Design Center (ADC) is a complex facility where Asahikawa furniture and crafts are gathered under one roof. About 30 manufacturers have set up permanent booths in the vast space of about 1,000 tsubo (about 1,200 m2), selling about 1,200 pieces of Asahikawa furniture and crafts. The wide range of items includes furniture that will last a lifetime, woodworking items perfect as souvenirs for sightseeing in Asahikawa, and special gifts for loved ones.
Furthermore, as an “industrial tourism base” in Asahikawa, which is recognized as a UNESCO City of Design, the store also has a museum, gallery, and hands-on workshops where visitors can learn about the history and manufacturing of Asahikawa furniture. Throughout the year, the museum holds special exhibitions, collection exhibitions, workshops, and other events to promote design, interior design, and lifestyle.

Local guide recommendation!

Asahikawa furniture and crafts are highly regarded worldwide for their solid technical capabilities. Each manufacturer and workshop has its own specialties and design direction, and this facility is unique in that you can see all of them at once while viewing the actual products. There are many souvenirs that you will want to take home with you and many workshops that you will want to experience, so it is a great place to enjoy with your family and friends!


1-35, Nagayama 2-jo 10-chome, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
Closed: Tuesdays (except national holidays), year-end, New Year’s, Bon holidays

◇On foot

(about 10 minutes, walk to the right after exiting the design center)


Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum

Otokoyama has been the official sake of the Edo Shogunate since the Edo period, and was so popular that it appeared in Kabuki, Joruri puppet theater, and Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. In the Edo period, in Itami, Kansai, Yamamoto Saemon, who displayed the sign of a cotton shop, created sake named after Otokoyama Hachimangu Shrine. Otokoyama Co., Ltd., continues to brew this sake, inheriting its legacy. The predecessor, Yamazaki Sake Brewery, was founded in Hokkaido in 1887.

With the desire to make better sake, in 1968, the company formally succeeded the Otokoyama name from the Yamamoto family, the head family of “Momenya.” Since then, it has continued to pass down the taste of its distinguished sake to the modern age, utilizing the natural blessings of Hokkaido.

“We want as many people as possible to taste the carefully brewed Otokoyama.” This desire was not confined to Japan; in 1977, “Otoko-yama Junmai Daiginjo” was first entered into the Monde Selection, achieving a gold award for the first time for Japanese sake. This paved the way for the start of full-scale exports to the United States in 1984.

Currently, it is exported to over 20 countries and is enjoyed as a local sake of Hokkaido around the world. Additionally, the “Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum” attracts many tourists from overseas every year, becoming a beloved tourist facility in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

The Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum conveys the culture of sake brewing, one of Japan’s traditional industries, along with the 350-year history of “Otokoyama”. It displays valuable Edo period documents, literature, and sake utensils, and visitors can observe part of the sake brewing process during brewing season.

Every February, during the peak sake brewing season of the severe winter, a “Sake Brewery Open House” is also held.

Local guide recommendation!

At the tasting and sales corner on the first floor, you can sample Otokoyama’s Japanese sake for free (with some exceptions being chargeable). There are many products available only here, such as “seasonal limited” and “museum limited” editions, so sake enthusiasts should definitely give them a try. Otokoyama goods such as sake vessels, aprons, and T-shirts are also for sale.
※Tasting is strictly prohibited for drivers and minors.


Postal Code 079-8412
1-33, Nagayama 2-jo 7-chome, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
Closed/Year-end and New Year holidays (12/31, 1/1-3)

◇On foot

(Walk for about 25 minutes to Akizuki Bridge.)

On the way, you will pass a wholesale market called Kyokuichi.
On the way to your next destination, you will pass by the Kyokuichi Asahikawa Regional Wholesale Market, the food distribution hub of northern Hokkaido. The market gathers abundant marine products caught in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, and the Pacific Ocean, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the vast expanses of Central, Northern, and Eastern Hokkaido.

(1) Go straight.

2) Turn right when you see Hokusei Shinkin Bank

③Cross the overpass

④Kyokuichi can be seen on the right side

⑤Turn left at the traffic light

⑥Go straight toward the bridge

⑦Cross the bridge

⑧Cross the river and turn left. Enter the cycling road

⑨Go down to the left side

⑩Arrive at the destination


Canoeing Experience
(Ishikari River, Akizuki Bridge riverside)

While canoeing down the Asahikawa River, known as the river town, you can enjoy the rich nature of the riverside forests and urban space at the same time. You can stop by spots that can only be reached by canoe, and learn about the history of Asahikawa and Ainu legends. All the necessary equipment is free of charge, so feel free to take a look! It’s easy! You can participate in the tour. We offer an inspiring experience not only for first-time visitors to Asahikawa, but also for those who have been here many times. Pinch off the excitement of Japan’s three major rivers, the Ishikari River♪

(1) Gathering and reception
Please gather at the parking lot on the right bank downstream of Akizuki Bridge and complete registration.
(2) Explanation
Explanation of precautions and the flow of the day’s activities will be given.
(3) Contents of the experience
Ishikari River canoeing experience. Enjoy the extraordinary experience of canoeing through the town.
After the experience, the tour will end at the Asahibashi riverbed.

Local guide recommendation!

The view of the Asahikawa cityscape from the river offers a landscape that even local citizens have rarely experienced. Witnessing the abundance of greenery along the water’s edge will reaffirm the value of nature close at hand. Rafting down the river in the urban area will give you a sense of the history of this town, which has developed together with the rich clear waters flowing from the Daisetsuzan Mountains.


Field of Dreams
Postal Code 070-8061
3-2-25 Takasagodai, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
E-mail fdtaku@gmail.com

◇On foot

(about 15 minutes, Asahibashi riverbed – 4jo shopping park)


Japanese Sake Kaku-uchi Uedaya

In the Edo period, common people enjoyed sake bought at liquor stores on the spot to boost their spirits. Today, drinking sake standing in a liquor storefront is generally referred to as “kaku-uchi. Kaku-uchi” is a space that offers a new way to enjoy Japanese sake, while maintaining the traditions of the kaku-uchi culture. The owner has carefully selected sake from all over Japan, including Hokkaido. The shop offers not only different brands of sake, but also different ways to enjoy drinking sake, such as steaming and heating sake, frozen sake, and sake served in wooden glasses. For our cuisine, we offer mainly snacks made with Hokkaido ingredients. Please enjoy a better marriage with sake.

*Can be zoomed in on

(1) Please proceed to the “Kaku-uchi Area” from the aisle at the back of the sales area.
(2) Please select sake from the showcase and bring it to your seat. Sake in the showcase is covered with color-coded ribbons and mizuhiki, and the price is differentiated by color. We also have seasonal sake tasting sets, so please try one if you are not sure which one to choose.
Please choose a dish from the menu and ask our staff to prepare it for you. We will recommend the perfect dish to go with your sake, so please feel free to ask our staff if you are not sure.
Please let our staff know when you leave. We accept cash, credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, DISCOVER, UnionPay), PayPay, and Alipay.

Local Guide Recommendation!

Under the slogan “Proposing a new way to enjoy Japanese sake,” WASHU KAKUUCHI UEDAYA opened in the summer of 2019. There are various theories about the origin of kaku-uchi, but the most popular is that people drank sake directly from the corner of a square-shaped square. Even if you are not familiar with sake, if you tell them your taste preferences, such as “sweet,” “spicy,” or “fruity,” they will be able to tell you the perfect brand for you. They will also explain the brewery’s specialties and history, making your sake selection fun. Don’t miss the owner’s special Japanese snacks.


1F Jujiya Bldg., 8-1703-9, 4jo-dori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
Open/13:00-21:00 (open from 16:00)
Closed: Every Monday and the last Sunday of the month

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