Snowshoe through Biei’s Winter Wonderland and Uncover the Hidden Gem of Bibaushi

Snowshoe through Biei’s Winter Wonderland
and Uncover the Hidden Gem of Bibaushi

A fantastic “winter walk” on the silvery white hills of Biei overlooking the Tokachi Mountain Range, and a trip to taste special coffee around a small unmanned station on a hill with trees shining in the misty ice.

Places to visit on this course

  • Snowshoeing on the hills of Biei (Shiki no Johokan)
  • Maruhachi Sato Shoten
  • Home-roasted coffee shop Gosh
  • Bibaushi Station


8:43 Asahikawa Station

◇JR 640 yen

Check the platform on the electric board.

If there are not many people boarding, you may be able to go to the front of the train and see the fantastic sight of JR running through the snow!


9:16 Arrive at Biei Station

After exiting the station, turn left.


9:30 Information Center of the Four Seasons
(Snowshoeing experience)

The rolling hills of Biei are like waves, and the idyllic scenery that can be seen in each of the four seasons is the attraction of the hills of Biei. The scenery shines most beautifully in winter. The dignified air, the clear blue sky, the endless marshmallow-like hills, the endless blue and white colors of another dimension…you can fully enjoy this picture book-like other world on a snowshoe tour of the hills. First-timers, children, and anyone else can easily put on snowshoes and head out to leave their own footprints! Snowshoeing in the hills is done with special permission. Please note that no one is allowed to walk on the hill without a dedicated guide.

Local guide recommendation!

Powder snow in the middle of winter has a unique, fluffy, floating feel. Walk, dive, lie down, run down, and play as much as you like in such fluffy snow! Finding the footprints of Hokkaido’s unique wildlife is another part of the fun. Why don’t you step into the great snow field as far as the eye can see?


Hill Town Biei DMO Office
Tel: 0166-74-5757
Open: 9:00-17:00, Mon-Fri.
<Tour prices>
Adults and children (primary schools age and over): ¥6,000
If you wish to charter a private tour, this can be arranged for an additional fee of ¥10,000 per couple. Rental clothing (1,500 yen).
<Time required/number of days>
Approx. 2 hours
<Meeting point>
Shiki no Johokan (Tourist Information Centre next to JR Biei Station)
<Application URL>


12:09 Departure from Biei Station

◇JR 300yen


12:16 Arrive at Bibaushi Station

At Bibaushi Station, you need to cross the railway tracks without a level crossing from the platform to the station building after the train you disembarked has departed. This is one of the best parts of travelling on local trains!


12:30 Maruhachi Sato Shoten

A local store selling groceries and other items in front of Bibaushi Station. While the number of such stores in the suburbs is rapidly decreasing, this store is valued as an indispensable infrastructure for daily life in the community. There is also an eat-in space where you can order onigiri (rice balls), soba noodles, strawberry milk, and other drinks on a tatami mat. The store is full of Japanese local flavor and is easy for tourists to stop by.


kita3-2-1, Bibaushi, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Open/9:00-18:00 (Eat-in time from 11:00)
10:00-17:30 during winter.
Instagram /


Home-roasted coffee shop Gosh

Gosh, a home-roasted coffee shop on a small hill in Biei-cho, is known for its aromatic coffee and natural yeast bread. The shop recommends its deep-roasted coffee, which is made by carefully assessing the individual characteristics of the beans and adding a process of rinsing and drying to bring out the aroma and sweetness as well as the bitterness. The shop offers a variety of coffees, mainly deep roasted, and sells home-roasted beans as well. The owner and his wife were attracted by the charm of Biei when they visited the area on a trip and decided to move there. While staying close to nature, they continue to pursue “a taste that convinces me that it is delicious. The café serves only coffee and cakes. Bread is available only for take-out.

Local guide’s recommendation!

What you should definitely try here is the “deep roast coffee,” which is brewed slowly one cup at a time. Although deep roasted coffee has a strong image of bitterness, Gosh’s coffee has a deep yet very clear taste. You can choose from standard paper drip to flannel drip, so you can compare the same beans. At the store, more than 24 kinds of beans purchased from all over the world are always available for sale, roasted in-house. Many cafes in Hokkaido also stock these beans.


Kita3-4-21, Bibaushi, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Open/11:00-17:00 (LO 16:30)
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays


13:46 Departure from Bibaushi Station

◇JR 750 yen


14:33 Arrival at Asahikawa Station

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