Discover the Enchanting Winter Magic of Sounkyo and Kurodake

Discover the Enchanting Winter Magic
of Sounkyo and Kurodake

After enjoying the best powder snow in Daisetsuzan National Park in winter, take a day trip to a dynamic valley where you can feel the life force of the earth and taste local gourmet food.

Places to visit on this course

  • Sounkyo Visitor Center
  • Taisetsu Sounkyo/Kurodake Ropeway & Lift
  • Kurodake Ski Resort
  • Beer Grill Canyon
  • Sounkyo Onsen


9:15 Asahikawa station

◇Dohoku Bus 2,140 yen


11:10 Sounkyo bus stop


Sounkyo Tourist Information Center

The information center in front of the bus stop.
Let’s check information on one-day hot springs here.


Sounkyo Visitor Center

Sounkyo Visitor Center is a core facility that aims to promote nature study, help people experience nature, and promote conservation of the natural environment under the theme of interaction between people and nature in Daisetsuzan National Park. Inside the center, visitors can see the four seasons of Daisetsuzan through real-time information on nature and attractions, high-definition video and dioramas. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the museum also takes the natural environment into consideration by incorporating outside light through natural lighting and using LED lighting.

Local guide recommendations!

The site displays climbing guides for four representative nature trails in Daisetsuzan National Park, including a diorama showing a topographical model of Daisetsuzan in early July with snow-capped peaks, allowing visitors to intuitively understand the mountain. Visitors can also search for scenic points of interest such as major mountains, mountain trails, shelter campsites, and hot springs. Exhibition guides are available for rent free of charge and provide explanations of the museum’s exhibits in multiple languages (available in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai).


Sounkyo Visitor Center
Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa Town
Business hours/June to October (8:00-17:30), November to May (9:00-17:00)
Closed/No holidays from June to October
    November – May: Every Monday (or the following day if the day falls on a national holiday)
    Year-end and New Year holidays: 12/31 – 1/5


Daisetsuzan Sounkyo/Kurodake Ropeway & Lift

Kurodake,” the superior peak of Daisetsuzan, can be easily visited by using the Sounkyo-Kurodake ropeway and Kurodake pair lift from Sounkyo, which is 670 meters above sea level. You can enjoy nature observation and mountain climbing in spring and summer with alpine flora and Ezo chipmunks, beautiful autumn leaves in fall, and skiing and snowshoe hiking in winter throughout the year.
The gondola and lift take you to the seventh station of Kurodake, which is 1,984 meters above sea level. From Sounkyo Sanroku Station, where the ropeway arrives and departs, take the 101-seat gondola to the fifth station. Below you, the Ishikari River flows through a sea of trees, and a dynamic view of the grand canyon continues. Looking up, the summit of Kurodake is close at hand. From the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Daisetsuzan mountain range with lingering snow even in mid-summer.

Kurodake Ski Resort

Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Kurodake Ski Resort is Hokkaido’s representative mountain ski resort, located on the northeastern slope of 1,984-meter-high Kurodake, which holds a sharp peak high in the sky above the Sounkyo Hot Springs. It has a reputation for its great views of Daisetsuzan and high quality snow, and is said to be equivalent to 3,000-meter class skiing in Honshu. The season is long, from early November to mid-May, and you can ski for more than half of the year. In particular, the early season from November to December and the spring ski season from March to May are appreciated by enthusiasts. Sounkyo, which serves as a base for skiers, is a first-class hot spring resort in Hokkaido, where you can also enjoy a luxurious après-ski experience.

Local guides’ recommendations!

It is a gentle ridge with some steepness at the start, but overall, the slope is relatively gentle. The course divides into a route downhill course, a forest course, and a snow cliff course. In summer, the course starts from an observation deck, which gives the illusion that you are flying into the sky. The high altitude ski course has excellent powder snow. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Daisetsuzan and comfortable skiing. Kurodake is also known for spring skiing! You can enjoy spring skiing in short sleeves in the warm and sunny weather, and enjoy plenty of snow until the GW holiday in May, making it the perfect place to end the skiing season.


Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
For opening hours, please see the official website.
Adults (junior high school students and above): return ticket: 2,600 yen, one-way ticket: 1,500 yen
Children (primary schools students): return ticket: ¥1,300, one-way ticket: ¥750.
One-day pass (unlimited ropeway and lift rides): Adults (junior high school students and above): JPY 4,300, children (primary schools students): JPY 2,150.
<Rental Items (1 day)>
Ski set: ¥3,800
Ski boards: ¥2,500
Ski boots: ¥1,500
Ski poles: ¥500
Ski wear: ¥1,200
Snowshoe set: ¥2,000 *Only for use within the ski resort.
Boots and gloves: 500 yen

Columbia Field Store / BLACK MOUNTAIN COFFEE by Columbia

Fold store located on the 3rd floor of Kurodake ropeway station building in Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa-cho. Inside the store is the first “Columbia Field Store” for the outdoor brand Columbia and a cafe “BLACK MOUNTAIN COFFEE by Columbia”. The store is located right next to the outdoor field and constantly changes its product lineup while conducting marketing research to find out what kind of items users are looking for. The café also offers specialty coffee with a smooth taste and aroma, Portland’s SMITH tea and beer, and baked goods made with Hokkaido ingredients.

Local guide recommendation!

The warm wooden interior is Wi-Fi enabled, making it ideal for remote working. The panoramic view from the large windows is also recommended!


Columbia Field Store / BLACK MOUNTAIN COFFEE by Columbia
Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Sounkyo Onsen Kurodake Ropeway Station 3F
Business Hour/ Jun-Sep (8:00-17:30), Oct-mid (8:00-16:30), Nov-late (9:00-16:00), Dec-May (9:00-15:30).


Lunch, Beer Grill Canyon

Ita-meshi (mountain food) restaurant in Sounkyo hot spring resort. Pasta, pizza, rainbow trout dishes, Ezo sika deer dishes, spicy curry, and ravine hamburgers are popular. The restaurant has an open space at the foot of Daisetsuzan and an easy, relaxed atmosphere.

Local guide recommendation!

Not your run-of-the-mill tourist fare, but authentic Italian fare such as escabeche-style mountain lioness, cold roasted Ezo deer thigh, grilled pork loin and vegetables, and Hokkaido Wagyu beef ribeye steak. Multiple course menus for lunch and dinner are also available!


Sounkyo Canyon Mall, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Open/[Lunch]11:30-15:30 (LO.15:00), [Night]17:30-20:30 (LO.20:00)
Closed: No regular holidays



Sounkyo, known as one of the most scenic spots in Hokkaido, is a 24-kilometer-long valley along the upper reaches of the Ishikari River. The cliffs are more than 600 meters high, and the stunning columnar joints and famous waterfalls such as “Ginga no Taki” and “Ryusei no Taki” are just as the name “Sounbetsu (river with many waterfalls)” in Ainu language implies. The scenery is especially breathtaking in autumn, when the rock walls are stained with bright red autumn leaves, and in severe winter, when the waterfalls freeze and form giant icicles. It is said that the writer Keigetsu Omachi, who visited the area in the Taisho era (1912-1926), named the area “Soun” after the ancient Ainu word for the area.


Sounkyo Hot Springs

Sounkyo at the foot of Mt. Kurodake in Daisetsuzan National Park is a large hot spring resort town with nearly 20 hotels and inns. In spring, feel the breath of life in the budding greenery; in summer, go rafting or mountain climbing on the river or in the mountains. In autumn, the contrast of autumn leaves makes your memories more colorful, and in winter, the open-air baths in the snowy weather relieve the cold and fatigue. The highlight of Sounkyo tourism in winter is the “Sounkyo Onsen Icefall Festival,” one of the three major winter festivals in Hokkaido. 12,000 square meters of the festival site is lined with about 30 ice sculptures of various sizes, made from the harsh cold of nature, and a must-see.

Local guide recommendation!

Kurodake-no-yu” is a low-tension, slightly alkaline hot spring with two large baths, an open-air bath on the third floor, a sauna, and a water bath, etc. The open-air bath offers a view of the Sounkyo Gorge, which changes its appearance with the seasons.


Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 078-1701
Kurodake-no-yu One-day trip bathing fees
Adults: 600 yen, children: 300 yen
Kurodake-no-yu Opening hours.
10:00-21:30 (last admission by 21:00)
No regular closing days


15:40 Sounkyo bus stop

◇Dohoku Bus 2,140 yen


17:35 Asahikawa Station

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