Powder Paradise in Pippu & Snowy Horseback Adventure

Powder Paradise in Pippu
& Snowy Horseback Adventure

After skiing on the slopes with a magnificent panoramic view of the vast Kamikawa Basin with the Daisetsuzan mountain range, the roof of Hokkaido, in the background, relax and work up a good sweat in the baths♪ In the afternoon, go horse riding and meet cute little animals.

Places to visit on this course

  • Pippu Ski Resort
  • Yuyu Pippu
  • Asahikawa Horse Riding Club


8:07 JR Asahikawa Station

JR Soya Main Line bound for Nayoro

Check the platform on the electric board.

Press the button to open the door. Close the door when you enter the train.


Arrive at 8:29 Pippu Station


8:50 In front of Pippu Station

Free shuttle bus

The bus stop is located in front of the station, just to the left of the bicycle parking area.


9:20 Pippu Ski Resort

Ticket office (in the center house)

▲Rental place (in the Snow Banya)

Pippu Ski Resort boasts one of the largest and best quality powder snow in the northern Hokkaido area. The large resort slopes are crowded with skiers and snowboarders from Japan and abroad.
The slopes offer a panoramic view of the vast Kamikawa Basin and the Daisetsuzan mountain range, and are equipped with nine unique courses that will keep everyone from beginners to experts entertained throughout the day. The Golden Course with its steep bumps and the Deep Snow Experienced Course are popular with intermediate and advanced skiers. A snow park is located on the beginner course. The advanced course is clearly separated from the left side of the mountain, while the beginner course is on the right side of the mountain, so there is no chance of getting lost by mistake. People of similar levels gather here, so you can ski without hesitation.
A new center house was built in 2017, offering a bright and spacious place to prepare, rest, and eat. It is designed to be family-friendly, with changing rooms, a kids’ space, and free Wi-Fi. In addition, the window tables lined up in front of the Silver Course are like spectator seating. When skiing the Silver Course, why not show off your best to the galleries during your break?

There are two dining halls at Pippu Ski Resort. In the center house, a standard menu of noodles, rice bowls, curry, and other dishes are served at conscientious prices. You can enjoy the food culture of the common people of Japan, such as the egg and rice set meal, which uses all local ingredients, or onigiri (rice ball) + pork miso soup. Rainbow trout rice bowls are served at Yukibanya, and karaage rice bowls and other dishes are served at the Horei Lodge restaurant.

Local guide recommendations!

If there is 30cm of snowfall, we recommend the deep snow course. If not, we also recommend the dynamic course in the center of the slope in the morning when the pressurized snow is clean. The open burn, which boasts of being one of the best in Hokkaido, is so pleasant that it will paralyze your sense of speed! Also, the first thing that comes to mind when Hokkaido snowboarders hear the word “Pippu” is the 2200 meter long wall of the Strawberry Course! If it is snowing, go to the Strawberry Course first.


17 Kita 7-sen, Hifu-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
TEL. 0166-85-3056
Business Hours: Daytime 9:00 – 16:00, Evening 16:00 – 21:00
<Lift Ticket 1-Day Prices>
Adult: ¥3,200, Child: ¥2,300, Senior: ¥2,300
<Rental 1-Day Prices>
Ski Set: ¥5,000, Snowboard Set: ¥5,500, Wear: ¥3,500
<Ske Courses>


Yuyu Pippu

After skiing, take a bath at Yuyu Pippu.

The bathing pass that comes with a one-day ski pass can be used at Yuyu Pippu, a one-minute drive from the ski resort. Soak in the hot spring water made of Komyoishi, which is said to be resistant to cooling down, to relax your muscles and relieve the fatigue of snow activities and travel.
The hot spring water at Yuyu Pippu is soft to the touch, and the infrared rays emitted from the ore warm the body from the core, making it difficult for the water to cool down. The bathtubs are spacious enough for you to rest your body freely, and there is also a Jacuzzi tub, a sauna, and a herb bath that changes daily. Especially recommended in winter is the Japanese garden-style open-air bath. Soak in the stone-piled bathtub and relax.

Local guide recommendation!

Soothe your tired body in the hot spring baths, and then condition it in the sauna. It is the ultimate in luxury. The ‘Koumyouishi’ in Yuyu Pippu is considered to have the strongest ionic effect of all natural ores. Its effects are varied, including the relief of neuralgia, stiff shoulders and rheumatism. Once in the hot spring, the far-infrared radiation emitted from the ore warms you from the core. Another attraction is that the food is delicious. The reason for this is that the owner is a caterer. Because each dish is carefully prepared by professionals, the restaurant has been loved by local customers for more than 30 years.


16, North 7th Line, Pippu-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Business Hours: One-day bathing 10:00-22:00
URL/ http://yuyupippu.com/
<One-day trip bathing rates>
Adults: 600 yen, children: 300 yen, infants: free


13:00 Yuyu Pippu bus stop

Dohoku Bus No.32 610 yen


13:35 Hanasaki 4-chome

1) From the entrance of Hanasaki Sports Park, walk towards the gymnasium.

2) Walk straight in front of the gymnasium in the right direction towards the gymnasium.

3) At the end of the road, turn left and you will find the stable building.


13:50 Asahikawa Horse Riding Club

If you don’t see anyone at the reception desk for pulling horses, please go upstairs or go inside and ask for help.

Founded in 1953, the Asahikawa Riding Club celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. Although located in an urban area, the club has 4,950 square meters of outdoor track, 800 square meters of indoor track, changing rooms, waiting rooms, toilets, a gallery, an instructor’s room, a horse feed room, indoor and outdoor horse washing areas, and an outdoor composting area. The large grounds are lined with poplar and cherry trees, and offer views of the Taisetsu and Tokachi Mountains, allowing visitors to enjoy riding while enjoying the seasonal scenery. The indoor riding arena is especially comfortable for horseback riding throughout the year, even on rainy or snowy days. A variety of courses, including trial riding, horseback riding, and visitor riding classes, are available to meet various needs, such as those for those who just want to try riding a horse or for those who want to improve their riding skills.

Local guide recommendations!

The horses here are very active in the local community, leading the parade at the Hokkaido Music March, Hokkaido’s representative music festival, and participating in local events on business trips. In addition to the horses, there are ponies, rabbits, chickens, goats, alpacas, and sheep, and visitors can feed them for free.


5-chome Hanazakicho, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido
Inside Hanazaki Sports Park Riding Ground
TEL. 0166-51-1832
Business Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 (Closed 12:00 – 13:00 for lunch)
Closed: Mondays (Open on holidays, closed the following day)
URL: http://www.asahikawa-hrc.net/
<Riding Experience / Leading a Horse>
The first step to horseback riding. A leisurely ride around the 300-meter riding ground.
Adults (18+): ¥800, High school students and under: ¥800
<Lesson Experience>
Trial horseback riding lesson (15 minutes).
Adults (18+): ¥2,000, High school students and under: ¥1,500


15:10 Hanasaki 4-chome

◇Dohoku Bus, etc.: ¥220


15:29 Asahikawa Station

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